Recondition Car Battery

When you find out that the performance of your car battery is degrading, you might start to worry with the replacement cost. It has become a clear fact that buying a replacement car battery is costly. You probably must spend $100 to $300 for a new one because the price is determined by the make, model and quality. To save money, many people choose to buy new car battery that has low quality. Consequently, they will spend much more money in the long run because low quality battery can easily get damaged compared to good quality battery. Realizing this fact, many people start to pay attention to recondition car battery. These days, many car owners have chosen to use a reconditioned car battery and it seems that more people will recondition their car battery once they figure out the benefits and how easy the reconditioning process is.

Reasons to Use Reconditioned Car Battery

Basically, there are two main reasons why people use reconditioned car battery. The first reason is for money saving purpose. Instead of spending $100 to $300 for a replacement car battery, many people want to find a much cheaper solution for their car battery. In this case, a reconditioned battery becomes a perfect solution because it does not cost that much. A reconditioned battery may cost several dollars if you do it yourself. If you ask an auto shop to recondition it for you, you might need to spend several more dollars.

These sound a perfect plan because the more the saving, the better the chance to have your desired life quality is.

Then, the second reason to use reconditioned car battery is to use the most suitable battery without any hassle. Sometimes, buying a new car battery can create lots of hassles especially if your local auto shops cannot provide the most suitable battery for your car. Out of stock and difficult to find battery is two common reasons why finding the most suitable replacement car battery may take a long time and cost more money. If you choose to use your reconditioned battery, you can avoid all hassles of finding the most suitable battery. Meaning to say, you can save time, energy and money.

Having Your Battery Reconditioned vs. Do It Yourself

Once you have decided to use a reconditioned car battery, you must decide whether you want to have it reconditioned by an auto shop in your area or to recondition car battery by yourself.  Basically, the first option is a perfect solution for you who want to save money and at the same time, avoid hassles of reconditioning your car battery. You just need to find a good auto shop to do the job. Remember, since the quality of an auto shop determines the quality of their service, you must only choose a reputable auto shop. Even though this might require you to conduct a survey, you will get lots of benefits from it. Also, you will need to prepare a certain amount of money as requested by the auto shop. In this case, you had better shop around to figure out an auto shop that can offer the best deal. If you can get the best deal, you definitely will be able to save more money.

Then, the second option is to do it yourself. This solution is perfect for you to save as much money as possible. Actually, recondition car battery is not a difficult project as long as you know the technique and have the tools and equipments. Yes, there is a certain technique to recondition your car battery that you must follow in order to be able to recondition battery safely.  Battery acid is harmful. You need to remove it carefully. Unless you know the technique, you might make harmful mistakes. Certain tools and equipments are needed to open the battery cell covers, clean the cells, and add mixture. Thus, you will need to allocate a special time in order to be able to recondition your car battery.

How to Recondition Your Car Battery

Because reconditioning your car battery avoids you from hiring an auto shop, you surely can save lots more money. In this case, what you need to know is how to recondition your car battery safely because a wrong technique might cause a harmful effect. To help you, here are the steps to do:

  1. Prepare things that you will need. Basically, you will need safety goggles, distilled water, Epsom salts, rubber gloves, three phase charger, wrench, and non metallic container. Make sure that these things are on your reach before starting the project.
  2. Find a perfect place. If you want to recondition car battery, you must do it in a good location. The location must enable you to work easily and conveniently. It should allow you to put the content of the car battery easily and safely.
  3. Wear your safety. Because battery acid is harmful, you should make sure that you have worn your safety before starting opening the battery covers. You should wear your rubber gloves and goggles and ensure that they are properly worn.
  4. Remove the cell covers from the battery. Most batteries’ cell covers can be removed without tools. If the covers are sealed, you will need a drill to open them.
  5. Drain battery acid well. Pour carefully. Make sure that nothing falls into the cells while you are draining the fluid.
  6. Add the mixture of distilled water and Epsom salt or ready to use battery acid. To make sure that the cells are not contaminated, you can wash the outside part of the battery with baking soda.
  7. Recharge the battery. You had better recharge it for 24 hours on a slow charge. Once it finishes, you can reinstall it in your car.

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